11th Symposium of the BSPHO

Moving boundaries in paediatric oncology

To download a pdf-version of the presentation, click on the titles below:

  1. Different steps in drug development: from theoretical concept to access for patients – J. van der Werff
  2. Joint Q&A session – K. Norga
  3. Molecular platforms for relapse diagnosis – S. Jacobs
  4. New drugs & CAR T cells – B. De Moerloose
  5. Transplant activities in Belgium – N. Van Damme
  6. Clinical case with practical therapeutic, diagnostic, and ethical perspectives – N. Andersson and C. Fonteyne
  7. How to improve knowledge of paediatric palliative care in the different (paediatric) care fields: the BPPc project – N. Francotte and M. Renard